My world from 2006-2010 revolved around our many failed attempts to get and stay pregnant. Here is a quick summary of what we tried…
2006- start ttc
07/07- lap…mild endo dx
05/08- spontaneous pregnancy, blighted ovum at 5 weeks
07/08-10/08-Two rounds of clomid-one failed cycle, one chemical pregnancy

Summer of 08- started taking wheatgrass daily

11/08-12/08-IVF #1
Long Lupron Protocol
Suppression-bcps and lupron
300 units of follistim a night
low dose hcg
5 units lupron
14 retrieved, 7 fertilized
One poor, fragmented embryo transferred on day 5
*allergic to ovidrel shot and PIO in sesame oil

We switched clinics in April 2009

05/09- new RE orders the clomid challenge before we do IVF #2. Pregnancy results, loss at 8 weeks. Trisomy 17

09/09- IVF #2
Estrogen Priming Protocol
Suppression- estradiol and prometrium
300 units of follistim
menopur and ganirlex as needed
12 mature
3 mature at day of retrieval
3 more mature day after retrieval
One poor embryo makes it to blast on day 6
*allergic to Menopur and PIO in cotton seed oil

11/09- meet with RE for WTF appointment. Was given a new lifestyle/diet plan

12/09- Glucose and insulin levels come back normal so there is no reason to believe that my sugar levels are causing my infertility.

The plan…
Low sugar/no alcohol/good carbs only
weight training
Wait a few months to see if my cycles return back to normal before we cycle again

AMH levels were returned 01/2010…perimenopausal

01/18/2010- made the decision to no longer pursue fertility treatments

02/2010- cycles have not yet returned to normal on the “plan”

02/2010-I guess the lifestyle planned worked, we had another spontaneous pregnancy! Our miracle boy is due on 10/6/2010.

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