Wow, my baby is 18 days old. How in the world did that happen? He is doing great, gaining weight and getting longer each day. An inch in two weeks, how crazy is that? He is still as skinny as a pole, hopefully he will start filling out instead of growing upward sometime soon:) The only issue we are dealing with is silent reflux. From Chris and I both having GERD I knew something wasn’t right when it looked like he was choking back his formula and getting wheezy after meals. The doctor agreed with my diagnosis and we started him on new formula. We tried that for three days and since we didn’t see enough of an improvement we started Zantac today. As of today(knock on wood) the reflux does not seem to bother him, he is still a very calm boy. He has been sleeping in the rock and play sleeper from day 1 so I am sure that has helped tremendously also. I am hoping we caught this all in time so that the medicine will at least neutralize his stomach acid so he won’t end up with a burning esophagus and a colicky baby.

You will all get a laugh out of this…I always liked the name Jack but Chris really wanted to do Jackson. With Jackson you have the name choices of Jack, Jax, or Jackson plus the in utero nickname I gave him, Jack-Jack. Now I can’t decide what the hell I want to call him so I am constantly trying out different variations. Today I stuck with Jax most of the day which I like but I just don’t feel like it is a good infant name. I wonder if our parents had the same issues as my name is Katherine and DH’s is Christopher. I know I started off as Katie but as I got older I switched it to Kate. Identity crisis anyone?

Here are some pics of us pumpkin picking when Jack was just 10 days old…