Our last mfm appointment was today, I was actually sad leaving the office since I really trust them over my OB. If you remember my last growth u/s was brought into question by my OB who thought Jack’s femur was too short, his head to big, and that we might be looking at some serious issues. We were reassured by the mfm that all was fine, but of course we didn’t breathe easy for the month.

My little man had a growth spurt! He gained 2 pounds in the last month which is perfect. His femur is back up in the 20 percent range which it had always been up until last month. I know they said not to worry about this, but hell we worry about everything. The whole head circumference issue boggles my mind as the information we were given today showed he has been in the 50th percentile all along, so what my OB was even looking at saying it was 95th percentile we will never know. He is back up on his weight estimation to the track he was on before last month’s appointment and all is “sickeningly well” according to the doc! It’s crazy to think that if I had been a “normal” pregnant woman who didn’t get growth ultrasounds that all of the worry from the last month would have never happened.