I saw my mfm today and we had a growth u/s. He is measuring 33 weeks 5 days and is weighing in at 4 lbs 7 ounces(a month ago he was 3lbs 5 ounces). This all seems very average but he dropped on his weight curve from 40% to 26%. Ugh, I automatically start blaming myself because of the hyperemsis which isn’t helpful to anyone! She said she is not worried, at this stage there is still huge room for error in the measurements and that they will check it again in a month.

The second issue I brought up with her is a pain that I have been having for over two weeks in my upper abdomen. I asked my doctor about it last week and he said “oh, you are running out of room.” What sort of answer is that? I asked my mfm and she said right away gallbladder once she saw where the pain was. She thought it was weird I was still throwing up and said there is almost always some other explanation this far along. They are going to fax my OB orders on what she wants done and then we are going to go from there to see if it is my gallbladder and if its a stone, sludge, or if it is just irritated. Not that anything can be done this far along but it will still be nice to know what the pain is from exactly. I was told it is pretty common in pregnant women and as tactful as possible she said it was interesting my OB didn’t think to at least run some labs.