My appointment with my new mfm was on Tuesday and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved the whole practice. The u/s tech was wonderful, he is still measuring right on schedule AND we saw his practice breathing as soon as he got on the screen. I know they said it was still early last week and not to worry but it was still a relief seeing it. She did the whole BPP which I passed in addition to the growth u/s. My child has a huge noggin(although so do both DH and I) and weighs 3.5 lbs which is just fantastic considering how sick I continue to be.

We were then brought into a consultation room which had nice couches, a cafe table and relaxing music. The doctor comes in and the first thing he said was that he likes to think of his patients as his kids and wants everyone to feel like they are sitting around a kitchen table. He then says that LO and I are “disgustingly healthy” even with the hyperemesis and that he will see us back in a month but to call if I have any questions or concerns. He does not think that I need weekly BPPs/NSTs at all and has no issue seeing me the rest of the pregnancy instead of my now old high risk doctor(who amusingly enough he actually knows and said he can never get that man to crack a smile). He then hugged me and my mom on the way out and reminded me to call if I had any concerns. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone in South Jersey.

I feel 100% better about how Jack is doing now and I got some adorable pictures! I will upload them when I go back home this weekend.