My mfm suggested last week that I start getting weekly BPPs as it is hard to tell how my hyperemesis is affecting our LO. The standard procedure would be to do a NST first and if I fail that go to the BPP but since his practice is not large enough to do the testing themselves they just have your OB write orders to go right to the BPP at an outpatient center.

We get to the outpatient center and a student comes in to do the BPP which was beyondt frightening. She had the screen turned away from us so we had no idea what was going on and then after 20 minutes she bolted from the room saying she needed to get someone else to do it. A tech came in and couldn’t find the practice breathing after five minutes so we failed and had to go up to l&d because that is the only place in my frigging county that will do a NST.

While in l&d a doctor from our practice comes in and says she can’t figure out why the mfm even wanted me to do this testing in the first place since LO has been measuring perfectly on track. Then she goes over my chart to make sure she isn’t missing anything and confers with my doctor and he agrees with her but with all of the medical liability issues anymore they can’t recommend I don’t get them since the mfm thought it would be a good idea. So long story short I pass the NST with flying colors but I was warned that since I am still so early chances are that I will fail the BPP at least a few more times and end up right back in l&d once a week. LO did practice breathe but it was not for a full 30 seconds, which we found out later is common for 28/29 weeks. This is annoying on multiple levels because a)no one really knows why I am even there and I am freaking out for no real reason andd b)I am paying an ER visit for every trip to l&d which will start to add up if I am there once a week until 32 weeks which is generally when you would worry if you aren’t seeing practice breathing consistently.

I am getting a second opinion at a new mfm in NJ next Wednesday! I already love the new practice, they told me over the phone that it was ridiculous to be doing these tests so early and expecting a perfect outcome each time. They were also appalled my mfm told me he hated hyperemesis clients so I have a good feeling about this.