So let’s face it, I pretty much suck at updating anymore so I am sorry about that. A lot of changes have happened in the past few weeks so I will fill you in on what is going on. Week 20 did not go so smoothly for me, I was as sick as a dog, I saw the asshole doctor(my last post which I realize now I sugar coated big time), and we decided the best thing for me was to stay at my parents during the week so I wouldn’t be home alone all day. Your mind can go to some really not pretty places when you spend all day alone dwelling on how sick you are. My OB did refer me to see a new shrink who could get me in on the 23rd of this month….gee thanks buddy. It’s hard being up here and away from Chris four days a week but on the other hand I am in a much better place mentally so we are just going to have to tough it out until our little guy gets here since the hyperemesis has not let up at all. Can you get over that? This was my day…eat breakfast…stand up to get a muffin…puke…lay down for a few hours….eat lunch….stand up to go outside and read…puke. Who in the hell can’t move around without puking? Oh yeah that would be me. I am so over it, but clearly it is not over me yet. In the weight department I am holding steady at 136 so I did gain a few with the picc line i which is good, even though I haven’t gained any in the past few weeks. That’s where we are at, 23 weeks tomorrow!