I am sorry I have been MIA for a while, since nothing has changed I don’t know what to write about:) We forgot to take a picture this week but I will remember to get back on track with that next week. Our anatomy scan is tomorrow so we are both excited/nervous to see how our little guy is doing. As long as I am feeling so-so afterwards we may hit up target to start looking at what we want to put on our registry.

Since I have nothing to do all day I have been reading a ton of baby books, sleep books, and baby bargains. Let me just tell you how much I loved the last one. I could totally see myself as putting a ton of crapola on my registry that I would never use just because it’s the cool new thing like a wipe warmer. Where to register is also something I can’t fully decide…the closest BRU is 40 minutes away where Target is only 20 minutes away. I am not wild about having to mail back any BRU.com returns since at least for my wedding a lot of presents were sent to us directly though the website. That would be one massive pain in the ass but the choices at Target seem limited so I just can’t make up my mind!

Hyperemesis is still kicking my ass. I have still been getting sick more often now that my picc line is out which sucks. Chris and I did manage to go to the movies last night to see Robin Hood which was a real treat but at the same time I was so nauseous from the drive and sick when I got home that I ended up just going to bed because I felt so bad. I am getting dangerously close to the 20 week mark where this will either go away or last until delivery. We both know that chances are I am going to be like this the whole time. I saw a new doctor at my practice this week that was surprised I wasn’t working. I looked at him and said, “I can’t drive without getting sick, I can’t do more than light housework for a few minutes without getting sick, I have only gained one pound this whole pregnancy, working would only make me even sicker than I already am and I would prefer to stay out of the hospital.” Needless to say I won’t be seeing him again unless I absolutely have to for the rest of this pregnancy. Oh, and the reason for my visit…an unexplained whole body rash. Nice, as if puking wasn’t fun enough I get to add in this ridiculously itchy rash. Thankfully its been about a week but it seems to be going down.