I actually feel well enough today to get on the computer and update everyone. This week wasn’t a great one in relation to my hyperemesis. My OB first started me out on Zofran IV which didn’t work and then moved me to Anzemet which really did not work. I was violently ill on the Anzemet and at this point she told me there was nothing further she could do for me since she has never had Zofran fail. Ugh, so bring on massive amounts of tears and the loss of another good 2 to 3 pounds in a week. Some more bullshit ensued with getting my records with that OB but the good news is that I am seeing a new one on Wednesday. For now I am just back on Reglan which is what I was on in the first place. I do feel like I am getting back to “normal” as in normal on Reglan but I am having a lot of trouble sleeping since my stomach hurts so bad. At first I was worried about being off of work but I have pretty much given in to the fact that I will most likely be off until this resolves at 20ish weeks. So for now, still sick and now down 20 pounds:( Although I did manage to keep down 2 bowls of soup and some toast today. I just hope this new doc has some new meds for me to try that will really help, at least help enough so I don’t lose anymore and can sleep.