Is finally over, I am probably going to go nutso by next Monday if I can’t find something productive to do with my time. This is sort of difficult though since I can’t really lift anything and let’s face it when you are hooked up to an IV all you can really do is hit the bathroom, couch, and bed. This weekend didn’t go great, the IV zofran doesn’t help as much as they thought it would so I was still getting sick quite a lot this weekend. I called the doc today and said they were going to change it but then I never heard back from them so I guess I will have to call and bug them in the morning. I also called the home health company to get a cadd pump so I can be more mobile with my IV but I was told they can’t come and give me that until Friday. I think it has to do with the insurance and having to be on the gravity infusion and out of work for x amount of days before you can get the pump. So that’s that in a nutshell.