Well the most exciting thing about this week is that New Moon comes out tomorrow at midnight. Oh yes, I am a twihard. I will probably even wear my “Forks: Making it sprinkle so you don’t sparkle” shirt.

So besides that the good news is that as of today I am feeling great for once! Chris says this has been the first day of my pregnancy where I actually seem to be enjoying myself. Who knows how tomorrow will be but there definitely does seem to be a light at the end of the m/s tunnel which is great because last night I was so miserable from the phenegran suppositories that I was close to tears. Needless to say I will no longer be using those anymore and will just take the unisom from now on.

I whipped out the spring clothing box today and was pleasantly surprised at how much fit! That thirty extra pounds that I was carrying last year really came in handy so I shouldn’t need to buy any maternity clothes for at least another month. We also cleaned out the stores buying Chris new shorts and shirts last year so he is covered for the summer months and is going to look HOT! 🙂 I love shopping at the outlets at the end of each season.

The boys are doing well, their yeast infections cleared up and its now warm enough to take daily walks. So if you know them you know they are basically as happy as pigs in shit right now. I love love love it when they put their heads to my lower stomach, it’s so cute!

My first tri screening is next Friday so if that all goes well then we are finally going to come out to the world aka facebook;P The one thing I really want to know is how am I already 11 weeks???