We were back in triage today when we got to hear our little one’s heartbeat. So beautiful. I loved the doctor we had today, I am not sure if it is because I finally hit 9 weeks that she looked for it or what but it was freaking awesome. It makes spilling ketones like its no one’s business worth it.

I also have an update on the OB situation. My OB rents space out to my RE and is basically forbidden to see me until I am officially released from my RE. Sucks ass. I talked to the OB nurse “unofficially” and she said that there are some other things they would try including having me go to an IV infusion place every few days to get tanked up instead of waiting until I am screwed and then going to the ER. That’s one of the main issues with hyperemsis patients that I have read…the meds won’t work if you are dehydrated so it’s just a bad cycle of getting tanked, taking the meds, puking, getting dehydrated and repeating the cycle. If you can get and stay hydrated apparently it all works out much better so I am going to mention this to the RE’s OB lady that I am seeing on Tuesday to see if I can start that now since I most likely have 11 weeks still until I will feel like a normal human again.

So that’s that! I look like death warmed over, that glow has been hard to achieve the past few days:) I am hoping that with me being on Reglan now instead of Zofran will help me at least keep everything down this weekend…