Is my new home. I ended back up in OB triage on Friday because just as I suspected since I didn’t get my meds on time! I was more de-hydrated then I was on Wednesday so after some pleading and puking they gave me two bags of fluids and phenegran. I was told it would just make me a bit woozy, well if woozy means that I sleep for 18 hours straight that works for me. Saturday was good but then on Sunday I just reverted back to my zofran only state. This morning I was back to throwing up bile and blood.

I was also slightly alarmed on Saturday when I saw that I was lightly spotting brown blood. I know, brown is usually fine but it still freaked me out. I talked to the PA on call and she said no worries that it is just the baby growing and pushing out the old blood. It has since stopped and we go back on Wednesday to make sure everything is fine.

I think it is time to switch to the OB. My RE likes to keep you through your first tri but I am not sure if my office is equipped enough to handle my hypermesis. The only answer can’t be take three zofran a day and go to triage when you are dehydrated.