Everything went well again today! I am measuring perfectly and we have a heartbeat of 163! I can’t even describe the awe I am in that this pregnancy is going well. It just amazes me.

I did go to OB Triage and spent 4 hours there so I could get re-hydrated. The plan was that I would get pumped back up and that if I take the zofran three times a day, hopefully I will start to feel better. Well it all went well until I realized that my RE’s office did not put in the prior authorization like they said they would at 9 am. I talked to the PA on call, she said she was sorry but that nothing could be done today and they would get to it tomorrow. I can barely function with the zofran, I have a really hard time while in motion…just thinking about being in a car makes me want to hurl. Then they told me they will write me a note so I can just stay home, gee thanks. I am just praying that tomorrow’s snow storm doesn’t slow things down because if I can’t get it until Friday then I am royally screwed and will probably end up back in triage. Oh well, the baby is fine and that’s all that matters!!!