1. Back to Basics shampoo and conditioner…I used this all last year and loved it but when it ran out I decided to try a more natural/less chemical approach to hair care and let me tell you it just didn’t work. This is one of those balance things for me, yes I want to limit the amount of bad things I put on my body each day but I also can’t stand having a bad hair day every day. I tried three different brands and all left my hair looking like a frizzy, weighed down mess. I will have to throw out there that I have wavy thick hair, so you may have more success if you have a different hair type. I couldn’t take it anymore and went out and bought the Raspberry Almond Shampoo and the Coconut Mango conditioner and let me tell you with one washing you can already see the difference.

2. Trader Joe’s guacamole kit- everything I need to make fresh guac. Need I say more? One minor issue is that I must have gotten some hot pepper on my hands and they stung for hours even after repeated washing. Damn sensitive skin!

3. Barlean’s Fish Oil Pills- At this point I rarely believe the “take this and you will have less pain” claims but I am a firm believer in taking fish oil to reduce inflammation. I now workout more than I ever have in my adult life and I rarely have to take an advil…there is no other explanation for this since my latest MRI showed the same shit it always does.

4. TJ Maxx- I was wandering around the store last weekend and I found that the beauty section had an absolute ton of organic products. I grabbed a Pharamcopia body gel(sulfate/pthalate free) in a 20 oz bottle that I absolutely love. I never really felt clean with any of my previous “safe” body wash purchases but I am head over heals for this one. I will be on the lookout each time I go for more discontinued scents of this wash!