My poor little pugmen have double ear yeast infections:( First off I have never even heard of an ear yeast infection before as Peanut always has run of the mill bacterial ear infections. The yeast infection is from water getting in their ears and staying there so we are all assuming it is from all the snow and rain we have been getting lately. From now on we have to put a drying agent in each of their ears every time they get wet while its still cold out. No wonder they have both been acting a little off, I knew Peanut had an infection but never even thought to look in Buca’s ear. I am such a bad pug mom…that pug has not been sick in 6 years so it didn’t even cross my mind that he had an ear infection. We have to go back in ten days for a recheck and then she is giving me some sort of preventative medicine for the future so this doesn’t happen again.

In other news our basement is just about done…Chris has to finish drywalling his office and then the paneling has to go up but in the grand scheme of things that isn’t too bad. We are both looking into intermittent fasting (IF) as a way of staying lean and keeping your blood sugar stable so we will see how that turns out in the next couple of weeks. It’s an interesting concept, check out Dr. google to see what it says!