The quest to eat healthy at Hibachi failed miserably and the kicker was that the food wasn’t even that good. If I am going to be eating outside of my “nutrition plan” then it better damned well be excellent food! I did enjoy myself with my friends though and didn’t stress about my white rice so it was a win.


I hopped back on the wagon for the rest of the weekend in regards to the plan. The first thing I do when I go workout is some sort of cardio and the elliptical has quickly become my favorite. When I first started going doing level 1 for 10 minutes at 3 mph was a massive stretch…who knew I was so out of shape? Now I can go at least twice as fast for 35-40 minutes on level 2. Seeing these strides in stamina really keep me going…and the mini televisions attached to the elliptical don’t hurt either.

Next up is weight training, which I was told is key to this whole low blood sugar plan. I switch between arms and legs every other day and do three reps with each exercise I am doing. I haven’t noticed a change in my legs yet but my arms look better than they have since college. I am even starting to get some definition so I am sure my legs won’t be far behind.

I would really like to plan some yoga into my days but it hasn’t worked out yet. By the time I get home from the gym all I want to do is shower and relax and if I don’t go to the gym I always find something else that needs to get done around the house first. So, we will see. Our gym just opened and said they are going to start classes soon so maybe I will be able to get my yoga in that way.


I have to call about donating my meds sometime in the next week and cancel the rest of my nutrition appointments. I have done everything they asked of me and my cycles did not return to normal, which my mentor and doctor believe to be an indicator that your egg quality has gone up. Personally I think her cycles returned to normal not only from diet and exercise but also because she was on met, but I am not a doctor what the hell do I know. On the subject of my mentor… she never emailed me back, I emailed her twice and no response. She is pregnant so I don’t want to push it as we all know anything can happen but also wanted to get her book back to her. I might also ask the office if I can bring it in and they can send it to her.

I did read in Kellis’ blog about soy isoflavones and we are thinking about giving that a try as it is rumored to help with egg quality when taken like clomid. I am past wanting to deal with the RE but I am pretty sure we can emotionally handle this for a few months. Hell we have tried everything else, why not this?