It is really hard to eat healthy while eating out, especially when you live where I do. If we were in a city I am sure we could find tons of healthy places to eat, but in good old slower lower that is very hard to come buy.

The restaurants I have mastered so far in my town are La Tonalteca, Buffalo Wild Wings, Salad Works, and Applebees/TGI Fridays where it is easy enough to get a fish, veggie, brown rice meal. Appetizers have pretty much gone out the window which is fine since we rarely eat our meal afterwards, so I supposed that’s a good thing! As long as I know where I am going before and I can either research it online or know that I can get a simple chicken and veggie meal I am all good but that’s not always the case.

Let’s take tonight’s choice though, we are meeting a group of our friends at Hibachi. As the name implies it is a Japanese steak house where the cook the food in front of you. While there food is very good it is drenched in oils, fat, and teriayki sauce. The vat of white rice they give you with your meal doesn’t help matters either. It’s hard to stay on track, or even close to the track when there are no healthy options! I think my new motto of moderation may come in to play here so I can enjoy myself while I am out and not worry about what I am eating.