Welcome to all of those visiting for ICLW week! I hope that you all made it over here from my old blog…looking back switching blogs earlier this week probably wasn’t the best idea I ever had!

I am Kate, my husband is Chris and after 4 years of ttc we are pretty much at the end of our unexplained ropes. Early on we tried a few clomid and clomid/IUI cycles, these resulted in a bfn, chemical pregnancy, and a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks. I also had a spontaneous pregnancy and blighted ovum miscarriage along the way. We tried IVF twice…at two clinics using two different protocols and both attempts failed to make even one decent embryo, which is interesting to say the least since I clearly have gotten pregnant a few times. They aren’t sure if my ovaries just can’t handle the heavy stims or if the allergic reactions I have to the medications are lowering my egg quality.

My doctor now has me on a good carb/no sugar/workout plan that is supposed to increase egg quality although they have nothing to back this up aside from my mentor saying it worked for her. One thing also to note about this is that I have a healthy bmi combined with good glucose and insulin levels so there truly is no evidence that my issue has to do with sugar. We found out last week that my AMH levels are in pre-menopause range, but we are right on the cusp of being normal so the doctor doesn’t think this has anything to do with our issues.

So what do we do now? I have no idea. I am still doing the nutrition/workout plan but definitely not as strict. I have no desire to do IVF again since I have no hope it will turn out differently. Doing a few more clomid cycles is on the table but I am just not sure if I have the steam for them anymore plus again I have no more faith that those will work versus us trying on our own(and my faith that will ever work is at about 3%).

Even though this is no longer a just IF blog I hope you enjoy it!