Third address change in less than a month…it’s annoying for me also. Why the change? I needed something new, peachy was a nickname given to me back in college, maybe even high school for my obvious non-peachy demeanor. Every time someone asked how I was, I would reply “peachy.” Hello sarcasm at such a young age.

If any word would describe our last few years I would say it was a storm, or more like hurricane infertility blowing through my life. I would have loved that storm to end up with us having a baby, but that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Chris and I. The storm is over and hopefully the calm is here to stay.

This blog will just be me trying to find balance in life as I tend to be an extremes person. You may also get my reviews on books and movies since we see so many and I am so darned opinionated. So come along on my search for happiness in this new and unfortunately childless life.