January 2010

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I know you are all holding your breath waiting for me to find a bread that I like and this is certainly it. Here is a quick description from their website…

“Ezekiel 4:9® Organic Sprouted Whole Grain Products are:

Complete Protein,
and Sprouted Whole Grain

We discovered when these six grains and legumes are sprouted and combined, an amazing thing happens. A complete protein is created that closely parallels the protein found in milk and eggs. In fact, the protein quality is so high, that it is 84.3% as efficient as the highest recognized source of protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. There are 18 amino acids present in this unique bread – from all vegetable sources – naturally balanced in nature.”

Sounds gross, right? I toasted it, threw on some organic peanut butter and in seconds it became my new favorite snack. I bought the plain organic sprouted bread but its still in the freezer…I may have to defrost it tonight to see if I like that also!

Update: I have since tried the plain bread and pitas…both were gross.


Let’s talk about the positive things going on in my life now…

We must first go back to 2008 after my first failed IVF when I was told that my eggs are so bad they must be toxic…:gasp: What, toxic eggs? What the hell even is that? I did my research on Dr. Google and went to Kate extremes to remove sulfates, parabens, ect from my life. I really wasn’t doing it for my health though, it was for some crazy belief that all of my problems stem from the environment. When I look back now if my eggs truly are toxic, nothing is going to change that so what the hell was I doing? See, extremes person.

Fast forward to 2010 and the blood sugar plan…I read up on what blood sugar does to your hormones and somehow got ended up reading about pesticides in your food, which then lead to chemicals banned in the EU but the US still uses, to watching Food, Inc(rent this), ect. I decided I wanted to make some changes, but to be a healthier person and not for some whacked out toxic egg belief. I know I can’t and won’t even try to eliminate it all but I figure if I am only using/eating 3 “toxic” things a day versus 12 then I am all over it.

This leads us to the point of my post…Dr. Bronner’s 18 in 1 pure castille soaps. You read that right, this soap has over 18 uses and is completely safe for you, your kids, your pets, ect. I first bought the unscented baby formula and using essential oils I made my own foaming hand soap. You would be amazed at how little soap you actually use in a foam dispenser!

Next up I tried the tea tree scent to clean my kitchen floors and they were sparkling 20 minutes later AND the dogs could roam around without me worrying about what would get on their paws. I also put some in a spray bottle with water and used it around the house as an all purpose spray which I was also very pleased with. Now all I have under my sink is baking soda, vinegar, borax, lemon juice and Dr. Bronners. How simple is that? I would also like to mention that I still have bleach in the laundry room…some things just need bleach.

Uses I am still waiting to try…shampooing Buca and Peanut, shaving cream, body wash, toothpaste(seriously, you could lick this and not get sick) and washing my car. I can’t see using it as a toothpaste on a regular basis but I still am going to give it a whirl!

Toxins out of the house…triclosan(anti-bacterial/pesticide in hand soap) and way too many to name off of the back of the windex/409 bottle

The quest to eat healthy at Hibachi failed miserably and the kicker was that the food wasn’t even that good. If I am going to be eating outside of my “nutrition plan” then it better damned well be excellent food! I did enjoy myself with my friends though and didn’t stress about my white rice so it was a win.


I hopped back on the wagon for the rest of the weekend in regards to the plan. The first thing I do when I go workout is some sort of cardio and the elliptical has quickly become my favorite. When I first started going doing level 1 for 10 minutes at 3 mph was a massive stretch…who knew I was so out of shape? Now I can go at least twice as fast for 35-40 minutes on level 2. Seeing these strides in stamina really keep me going…and the mini televisions attached to the elliptical don’t hurt either.

Next up is weight training, which I was told is key to this whole low blood sugar plan. I switch between arms and legs every other day and do three reps with each exercise I am doing. I haven’t noticed a change in my legs yet but my arms look better than they have since college. I am even starting to get some definition so I am sure my legs won’t be far behind.

I would really like to plan some yoga into my days but it hasn’t worked out yet. By the time I get home from the gym all I want to do is shower and relax and if I don’t go to the gym I always find something else that needs to get done around the house first. So, we will see. Our gym just opened and said they are going to start classes soon so maybe I will be able to get my yoga in that way.


I have to call about donating my meds sometime in the next week and cancel the rest of my nutrition appointments. I have done everything they asked of me and my cycles did not return to normal, which my mentor and doctor believe to be an indicator that your egg quality has gone up. Personally I think her cycles returned to normal not only from diet and exercise but also because she was on met, but I am not a doctor what the hell do I know. On the subject of my mentor… she never emailed me back, I emailed her twice and no response. She is pregnant so I don’t want to push it as we all know anything can happen but also wanted to get her book back to her. I might also ask the office if I can bring it in and they can send it to her.

I did read in Kellis’ blog about soy isoflavones and we are thinking about giving that a try as it is rumored to help with egg quality when taken like clomid. I am past wanting to deal with the RE but I am pretty sure we can emotionally handle this for a few months. Hell we have tried everything else, why not this?

It is really hard to eat healthy while eating out, especially when you live where I do. If we were in a city I am sure we could find tons of healthy places to eat, but in good old slower lower that is very hard to come buy.

The restaurants I have mastered so far in my town are La Tonalteca, Buffalo Wild Wings, Salad Works, and Applebees/TGI Fridays where it is easy enough to get a fish, veggie, brown rice meal. Appetizers have pretty much gone out the window which is fine since we rarely eat our meal afterwards, so I supposed that’s a good thing! As long as I know where I am going before and I can either research it online or know that I can get a simple chicken and veggie meal I am all good but that’s not always the case.

Let’s take tonight’s choice though, we are meeting a group of our friends at Hibachi. As the name implies it is a Japanese steak house where the cook the food in front of you. While there food is very good it is drenched in oils, fat, and teriayki sauce. The vat of white rice they give you with your meal doesn’t help matters either. It’s hard to stay on track, or even close to the track when there are no healthy options! I think my new motto of moderation may come in to play here so I can enjoy myself while I am out and not worry about what I am eating.

Welcome to all of those visiting for ICLW week! I hope that you all made it over here from my old blog…looking back switching blogs earlier this week probably wasn’t the best idea I ever had!

I am Kate, my husband is Chris and after 4 years of ttc we are pretty much at the end of our unexplained ropes. Early on we tried a few clomid and clomid/IUI cycles, these resulted in a bfn, chemical pregnancy, and a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks. I also had a spontaneous pregnancy and blighted ovum miscarriage along the way. We tried IVF twice…at two clinics using two different protocols and both attempts failed to make even one decent embryo, which is interesting to say the least since I clearly have gotten pregnant a few times. They aren’t sure if my ovaries just can’t handle the heavy stims or if the allergic reactions I have to the medications are lowering my egg quality.

My doctor now has me on a good carb/no sugar/workout plan that is supposed to increase egg quality although they have nothing to back this up aside from my mentor saying it worked for her. One thing also to note about this is that I have a healthy bmi combined with good glucose and insulin levels so there truly is no evidence that my issue has to do with sugar. We found out last week that my AMH levels are in pre-menopause range, but we are right on the cusp of being normal so the doctor doesn’t think this has anything to do with our issues.

So what do we do now? I have no idea. I am still doing the nutrition/workout plan but definitely not as strict. I have no desire to do IVF again since I have no hope it will turn out differently. Doing a few more clomid cycles is on the table but I am just not sure if I have the steam for them anymore plus again I have no more faith that those will work versus us trying on our own(and my faith that will ever work is at about 3%).

Even though this is no longer a just IF blog I hope you enjoy it!

Shoppers Guide

Now that I am sure that we are no longer going to try IVF again later this year the question is what do we do with the diet? It clearly has had a positive effect on my health but I need to find a balance that I can live with so I am not constantly saying things like “I would kill for x,y,z right now”. Chris and I had a long talk about moderation and balance this weekend…which brings me to the dirty dozen and clean 15…

The dirty dozen are the 12 fruits and vegetables that are “worth it” to buy organic. Even after washing and peeling, these fruits and veggies have a high pesticide residue content according to the USDA. They do cost a bit more, but I can’t bring myself to buy these conventionally in the grocery store anymore. In my head I think would you like some fruit with your side of pesticides?

The clean 15 are those fruits and veggies that are safe to buy conventionally. No use in wasting money on organics when these products generally do not have pesticide residue on them…or have thick skins that you don’t eat.

I have not had too much of an issue using this a guide to buy my fruits and veggies. Since not much is in season here I have been buying frozen, organic fruit to use in my greek yogurt and ice cream. We have replaced our daily apple with oranges and fair trade bananas as I can’t justify paying 6 bucks for 4 organic apples. The only thing I can’t find is organic bell peppers, I am sure I will come across them soon enough. I am looking forward to shopping in the warmer months when the organic farms closer to Rehoboth open up and start selling their produce…my fridge is going to be loaded!

Chris and I don’t eat out often and I realize when we do I won’t be eating the healthiest things ever…but what can you do? Moderation…

The pocket guide can be downloaded at www.foodnews.org

Third address change in less than a month…it’s annoying for me also. Why the change? I needed something new, peachy was a nickname given to me back in college, maybe even high school for my obvious non-peachy demeanor. Every time someone asked how I was, I would reply “peachy.” Hello sarcasm at such a young age.

If any word would describe our last few years I would say it was a storm, or more like hurricane infertility blowing through my life. I would have loved that storm to end up with us having a baby, but that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Chris and I. The storm is over and hopefully the calm is here to stay.

This blog will just be me trying to find balance in life as I tend to be an extremes person. You may also get my reviews on books and movies since we see so many and I am so darned opinionated. So come along on my search for happiness in this new and unfortunately childless life.