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adventures of jax and co.


Sorry I have been so awful updating my blog! I knew I had to go back to work so any free time I had the last thing I wanted to do was spend time on the computer instead of with Jax.

Here his 2 month basics…
Weight-10 lbs 12 oz
Height- 22 inches
He is somewhere around the 15th percentile for both of those and 33 percentile for his noggin. So clearly no 2 percentile legs and 95 percentile head here!
Head- ah getting a little flat on the right side thanks to the rock n play. I always read people had issues with that but it was a Catch 22 with the reflux. She said its slight right now so we are doing our best to keep him on his tummy or off his head at all times when we are at home from work, positioning him at night, and he is laying on nest noggins when he is in his swing or bouncer at home. She said and I have read that since he is still so young it may even out, but if not at his 4 month appointment we will be talking helmet if it gets worse. I just can’t wait until he can sit in a bumbo!
Acid Reflux- it blows. We are starting our third medication tonight and we will see how that works. Everything was going well but he seems to have grown out of his Axid dose and his stomach can’t tolerate the higher dose so this week has been a total mess at night. Hysterical crying while trying to feed him which turns into him just flat out refusing bottles. So hopefully this med will work like the Axid used to and he will be chugging down bottles again in no time. Luckily he is only in hysterics while trying to eat so other than that he is still a super happy baby.
Laryngomalacia-we were sent to AI Dupont last week to find out if Jax’s wheezing is soley from the reflux or layngomalacia has something to do with it also. Laryngomalacia is common in infancy and just means that the tissue covering the voice box is immature and can flap forward. Poor Jax had to have a scope put up his nose and down his throat to see if there was any flapping…and there was but it was minimal. The ENT said he thinks the problem is mostly reflux and we don’t have to go back again which is nice unless he hits a year and still breathes like a nutso. A side note to this is I am so effing sick of people asking me what is wrong with him when his reflux is bothering him and his breathing is off. My MIL constantly thinks he has pneumonia and the whole thing just pisses me off.

So other than that he is doing awesome! He has been smiling for quite a while now, the first smile I caught on camera was on Halloween. This kid smiles at everything. He smiles at basically any noise Chris makes, the Christmas lights I hung in the living room just so he could watch them, the dogs, seeing me int he morning and when I pick him up from daycare. He is so happy for being a refluxer which I thank my lucky stars on a daily basis that he never turned colicky.

I went back to work this week and have had myself in a tizzy for weeks about it. If you have been reading my blog you know I had some issues in regards to my whole short term/long term/return to work situation. I originally was told I would get my job back. Fine, I didn’t like it but whatever. Then I was told that it wasn’t guranteed the state would hire me back at all. What, hold the brakes…you are telling me I got pregnant and sick and that I am done with the state. Hello budget cuts. My return to work date comes and nothing so I apply for unemployment oh and wouldn’t you know the very next week they found me a job…A job back where I used to work and transfered from because I hated it so much. I came home in tears from this place at least once a week. It was awful so when I found out this was where I had to go I was a mess. The only good thing was that I hated all of the daycare centers we visited in Kent County and I LOVE the Goddard School up by where I work.

Well I started this week and it is going great. I cried pretty much all weekend and Monday morning on the way but it was fine. I just can’t say enough about his daycare, they.are.awesome. I stopped by twice during the day and they have no problem with it. Each time he has been all smiles. Seeing him smile at his teachers made me feel so good about the choice we made. They let me bring in a rock n’ play for him since he isn’t in a crib yet because of his reflux and he sleeps like a rock in it.

Work isn’t as bad as I anticipated. Most of my co-workers are new and I liked the ones who aren’t. The supervisor is apparently not very good at all but I figure if I just do my work and lay low until I find something else then so be it. I really think knowing Jax is safe and happy makes being here so much easier. I am actually updating my blog and I read some which are nice perks! I, of course, would rather be home with him but as that isn’t possible I might as well make the best out of the situation. We will see how high my stress level re-skyrockets once I actually start seeing clients again and processing cases. I have been looking for something but so far nada. I keep telling myself in this economy I should just be happy to have something.

So that’s it! I am sure I will be updating much more frequently now that I am back at work. You can check out his pics at his shuttefly share site.

Wow, my baby is 18 days old. How in the world did that happen? He is doing great, gaining weight and getting longer each day. An inch in two weeks, how crazy is that? He is still as skinny as a pole, hopefully he will start filling out instead of growing upward sometime soon:) The only issue we are dealing with is silent reflux. From Chris and I both having GERD I knew something wasn’t right when it looked like he was choking back his formula and getting wheezy after meals. The doctor agreed with my diagnosis and we started him on new formula. We tried that for three days and since we didn’t see enough of an improvement we started Zantac today. As of today(knock on wood) the reflux does not seem to bother him, he is still a very calm boy. He has been sleeping in the rock and play sleeper from day 1 so I am sure that has helped tremendously also. I am hoping we caught this all in time so that the medicine will at least neutralize his stomach acid so he won’t end up with a burning esophagus and a colicky baby.

You will all get a laugh out of this…I always liked the name Jack but Chris really wanted to do Jackson. With Jackson you have the name choices of Jack, Jax, or Jackson plus the in utero nickname I gave him, Jack-Jack. Now I can’t decide what the hell I want to call him so I am constantly trying out different variations. Today I stuck with Jax most of the day which I like but I just don’t feel like it is a good infant name. I wonder if our parents had the same issues as my name is Katherine and DH’s is Christopher. I know I started off as Katie but as I got older I switched it to Kate. Identity crisis anyone?

Here are some pics of us pumpkin picking when Jack was just 10 days old…

I am sorry for the way this is written, it is mostly a copy and paste from the bump!

Our first day was interesting/scary as hell. The c-section prep itself wasn’t too bad. We got to the hospital around 7:40 and my c-section was supposed to start 2 hours later. After they got me undressed and all tucked into bed we were informed that an emergency section was going in before me so we were going to be bumped a few hours. We were prepared for this but holy hell when you are all ready to go and then are told you have to wait it can be a bit much and lucky for us DH’s best friend showed up and kept us entertained until it was time to go in.

The first spinal site they tried was sending pain down my legs so they had to pull it out and try again but once they got the medicine in I was fine. Then came the section itself, DH and I felt like we were sitting there forever when my doctor starts saying “come on out baby, he’s stuck”. Oh fantastic…I kept relatively calm because I figured well they have to get him out somehow. We kept waiting for a scream and we didn’t get one. Jack was out but he wasn’t breathing. DH kept me so calm, thank god he didn’t faint. We were watching the clock above the infant warmer waiting for a yelp. I don’t think I have ever been so scared in my entire life. After everything we had been through how was my little man not breathing. I know surviving IF doesn’t give you a free pass for anything but hell it was about time I got one. I was told later that it was about a minute into it that he started breathing on his own and started wailing. DH and I were both in relieved hysterics at this point they showed me him for a second and then whisked him away to the NICU with DH and I was stitched up. I didn’t even get to give him a kiss.

At this point I have no idea what’s going on in recovery and I knew I was going to be there a while since my temperature was a bit on the low side. At this point both my and DH’s best friend were with me in recovery keeping me calm and dealing with the phone calls/texts and DH was with Jack. If Ash(who is now doing clinicals at the hospital, yay:) and Adam weren’t there I am positive I would have had a mental meltdown not knowing what was going on in the NICU. DH came and told me that they kept insisting that he was at least two weeks earlier then we thought and that his lungs weren’t mature(once I got in there I set the nurse straight telling her we were IF patients so I know for sure how far along I was since I had been having ultrasounds from day 1. She sort of just huffed and walked away). He was never placed on oxygen, they were just monitoring him since once he started breathing it was so labored. Since I have been home DH showed me a video of him trying to breathe and it just broke my heart. You could see his little diaphragm erratically moving in and out while he was gasping to breathe. I could also see how purple/bluish he was at the time. I was told I had to go up to my room and that they were going to monitor him some more. At this point they weren’t sure if it was just extra fluid in his lungs from me having the c section, if his lungs were still immature for some reason, or if we were dealing with some other issue. Jack started doing much better and he finally came up around four hours after the c section and we finally got to hold him. It was the best feeling ever! Those few hours he was in there just makes my heart break even more for all of the NICU families who have extended stays and I know how incredibly lucky we are that he was only in for a few hours. I have no idea how my own parents dealt with me being in the NICU for five weeks.

After that our stay was pretty uneventful. It turned out that Chris could have stayed with me in the hospital but by that time we had no one to watch the pugs so he had to go home every night. Another interesting thing was that there was no nursery for the babies to go to at night because they are trying to promote breastfeeding…which I am not doing but hey whatever. Having him myself the first night was a challenge since I still couldn’t get out of bed and was pretty drugged up. I had to page the nurses to bring him to me and to change him, some were great helping me and this one bitch asked me what my issue was. Um…I just had major abdominal surgery and I can’t get up. The next day our little guy was coughing a bit so he had his first chest x-ray of to see what was going on in there. They brought the machine right into the room which I thought was pretty cool. Th x-ray came back all clear so that was a relief. Our ped, whom we love, came in each morning to check on him and besides some jaundice he was doing great and we were released on Monday morning. Two final words on the hospital I delivered at…one was the food was pretty good and the second is that the hospital security sucks. They put these electronic bracelets on Jack and I and if we went near the elevator the alarm would sound so it all sounded great but his bracelet was so loose it kept falling off. Or you could have cut it off easily. The funny thing is though that I went to three different hospitals throughout my pregnancy for the hyperemesis and none of them seemed secure. It all clearly worked out, it is just an interesting observation. Oh, and after I threw up on the operating table and once more in my room later I have not been sick since.

The ride home was great, Jack loves his car seat and falls asleep the second he is moving. Now we have been worried about how Peanut would react to Jack and the second he saw him he started kissing him. It was so cute! Buca on the other hand pretty much wants nothing to do with him…the exact opposite of what we thought would happen. Jack is an angel, we are so in love. He is easy to soothe, Chris is like a little baby whisperer. For instance as we speak he is passed out in a swing that doesn’t swing. He could care less. Yep, we got a lemon! We might run to BRU today to return it if I am feeling up to it. My poor little guy does have some diaper rash though so we switched diapers and are only using a wet cloth on his hiney. I also put all of my Johnson and Johnson’s products in a bin for a friend of mine and bought all unscented Aveeno products. Whether he got my skin or Chris’ he is basically screwed so I figure we might as well start now with all unscented products.

My recovery is going well. My staples came out on Friday and the doc says everything is looking great. I haven’t needed pain medication in a few days which is nice since the percocet makes me feel like I am buzzed. I have to wait one more week until I can drive and I have off eight weeks total from work….so that will end up being eight months off of work! How crazy is that, I am not going to remember a thing when I go back but that does give me a ton of time to try and find a new job. Fingers crossed in that arena. Mentally I am doing just fantastic. I have a history of depression and anxiety plus add the infertility and hellish pregnancy to the mix and I seriously thought I was doomed but nothing…nada….not even a hint of the baby blues. The only time I tear up is when I think of him in the NICU or about how incredibly lucky I am to have this beautiful son who just lights up my life. DH says he has never seen me so happy. The people at his work had him in knots over this first week, about how insanely bitchy I would be, how little sleep he would get. One person actually told him she decided against having more children after how awful the newborn phase was. We had a nice laugh over that yesterday. The two or three times I have felt myself getting ready to go over the deep end I have asked him to just stop talking for a while. LOL, it worked though! All the worry during my pregnancy for nothing. Jack is perfectly healthy and we are having a blast with him. I received a ton of flowers and gifts at the hospital but the best thing was a card Chris got me once we came home. It was apparently sweetest day this week and it had two pugs kissing on the front of it. Inside it said “Thank you for never giving up and giving me a beautiful family.” See, now I am tearing up again. I am off to try and catch a few more hours of sleep. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!!
Dad and Jack in the NICU

Mom got bored and swaddled me in a doggie blanket
Family Photo!
I am busting out of this joint!
Pug kisses

How cute am I???
First Doctor's Appointment

Our last mfm appointment was today, I was actually sad leaving the office since I really trust them over my OB. If you remember my last growth u/s was brought into question by my OB who thought Jack’s femur was too short, his head to big, and that we might be looking at some serious issues. We were reassured by the mfm that all was fine, but of course we didn’t breathe easy for the month.

My little man had a growth spurt! He gained 2 pounds in the last month which is perfect. His femur is back up in the 20 percent range which it had always been up until last month. I know they said not to worry about this, but hell we worry about everything. The whole head circumference issue boggles my mind as the information we were given today showed he has been in the 50th percentile all along, so what my OB was even looking at saying it was 95th percentile we will never know. He is back up on his weight estimation to the track he was on before last month’s appointment and all is “sickeningly well” according to the doc! It’s crazy to think that if I had been a “normal” pregnant woman who didn’t get growth ultrasounds that all of the worry from the last month would have never happened.

pregnancy calendar

I can’t believe how much bigger I look this week over last week…

How far along?36 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: not sure, I am definitely up though!
Maternity clothes? Most of my clothes are now maternity, although I still fit into most of my pre-pregnancy shirts and some of my “knock around” shorts.
Stretch marks? none
Sleep: Not great lately, if I wake up nauseous I am finding it harder and harder to fall back asleep.
Best moment this week: Going crabbing with Chris last Saturday!
Movement: YES! He is very active early in the morning and again before I go to sleep.
Food cravings: Still no cravings, but I have been able to eat more and more without getting sick:)
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs:none
What I miss: Not having acid reflux.
What I am looking forward to: Having this baby!